Old and Blue to Brand New

Ohhh…. the bathroom… this was the biggest project we have done in the house so far. Everything in the bathroom was blue! Blue tile floor, blue tile walls, blue sink, blue toilet, blue bathtub. We knew that we needed to completely rip out everything that was there and put it all back together again, down to the studs. And that is just what we did. GOODBYE UGLY BLUE BATHROOM!!!


I cannot even begin to explain how gratifying it was to just smash everything out of that bathroom. And every time I would hit a tough spot that I was struggling to demolish, I would just think about how much I hated the bathroom and it pushed me through. haha. We even found old newspapers from 1965 in the insulation which was really cool to see what was happening in the area back then. There was water damage to the subfloor from the bathtub that was there, they used duck tape to seal between the shower insert and the tub. DUCK TAPE. Getting out that cast-iron tub was not easy. The flooring was about 3 inches thick of cement with 2 layers of tile. But all of that time we spent smashing everything out of the bathroom was so worth it. There was absolutely NO WAY I was going to use the bathroom in the condition it was in. We also had the the electrical updated and a bathroom vent was installed.

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And then, my favorite part… shopping! It was so fun picking out the type of bathtub we wanted, and the sink, countertop, vanity, mirror, toilet, floor tile, and shower tile, even the fixtures. I could spend hours going from store to store looking at all of this stuff. I love it all! My vision was to do light, soft grey paint on the walls. White subway tile in the shower, with built-in inserts with an accent tile. White, wide planked floor tile as well as the countertop with hints of grey to tie everything together. A dark blue/gray vanity. And last but not least, glass shower doors.

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Spencer helped my vision come true! After a few months of hard work and hot summer nights, our bathroom was complete. The hardest part was the shower… the subway tile was the easy part.. it was the built-in inserts that Spencer had to custom make because the studs weren’t the normal depth you would find in houses today, and tile stores do have  inserts you can by to make it easier.. but of course they wouldn’t work in our shower.. Spencer also had to cut A LOTTTTTTTTTTTT of tile around the inserts… I felt really bad… i thought the shower was going to be the death of him.. We also had an issue with the mixing value in the shower too.. (this is the thing in the shower where the handle is to control hot and cold water) Anyways.. it would run fine when on.. but when you would shut off the water, there was a steady leak.. so we had to go out and find another shower kit that, one, we liked and two, was a good brand… Eventually, we fixed that problem too..

Regardless of the set backs, the vision I had of the bathroom finally became a reality. I even have my glass doors, and they are barn-door style.. my favorite! I cannot get enough of it!! We just have a few things we need to make, like a towel holder and some floating shelves, but that is it. I need to get a better picture and report it in here, but this is what I have for now 🙂 It is so crazy to see the before and after of this space but we are so happy with how it turned out!!




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