It’s About Time

Wow. I wrote my last post 136 days ago. Can you believe it has been that long! As you know, Spencer and I closed on our wonderful home! So much has happened in this past 4 months and I will be sharing these moments with you in my upcoming posts.

The day that we closed on our home, I was such a stress case. Obviously. How could you be relaxed when you making the biggest purchase you will probably ever make in your life. The biggest tip I can give someone who is going to be closing on a home is to make sure you listen to whomever is going over the closing documents with you and also read before you sign. Ask all the questions you want. And make sure your hand is ready to sign a million pages. The hand cramp will be worth it because once you are done, you are a homeowner! To be given the keys to this house, especially after everything we went through to get it, was by far the best feeling and so rewarding!!! All of the hard work leading up to this point was worth it!

IMG_6241  IMG_6250

IMG_6349 IMG_6327

It has been renovation craziness since the day we closed! I’m not kidding. We trimmed one of the 60ft tall pine trees that had branches hanging so low in the driveway that they would hit your car when you pulled in. We took out some of the ugly blue tile in the bathroom because we were having the electrical updated in the whole house the next day and we were making sure everything was prepped and ready to go! Of course, the video of my breaking the tile makes me look so weak. Haha. At least I can laugh at myself and my scrawny arms. (Just re-watched it again.. I look so lame. hahaha) We also removed the basement ceiling too. There was no messing around when it came to getting things done. We were motivated and ready to give this home the love it was needing for so long.

IMG_6254  IMG_6269-0

We had our first meal on our deck that night. Woo! Dominos pizza, wine and beer to the rescue. It was so awesome to sit outside and just talk about how crazy it was that this house, was ours!!!!

IMG_6273  IMG_6274

I will keep this first post short. But I have so much to tell you guys! Bathroom reno. Master bedroom makeover. Kitchen updates. Tree removal. And so many more project posts coming your way. And now with the holiday season coming, there will be decorating and recipes posts too. So many things to share!! So excited to be back!! I have missed writing!! Thank you to everyone who has been following along with our journey on Inspire Me’s Instagram and Facebook. You have all been so wonderful with your kind words and support! So grateful to have so many amazing people to connect with!!!



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