3, 2, 1

I hope I can find the words to explain how I am feeling about closing on our home in just a few days!!! Spencer and I are beyond excited to start this new chapter in our life together. I honestly cannot wait for Bella to have a yard to run around and play in all she wants! Because this home is an Estate Sale, it has been quite the process filled with ups and downs and extra paperwork to organize. But all of that time and energy that we put into getting everything done immediately was worth it, because we are just days away from closing with nothing to worry about! At least for now!

Our home will have plenty of renovations that will need to be done in the first month before we can actually move in. I cannot wait to transform our home into something we love. To know that we took part in these changes will make all of the renovations worth it. To be able to look at our bathroom, or our roof, or the hardwood floors and say, we did that, is going to be such an awesome feeling and will be so rewarding! I know the end result of all of the renovations will look great!!! Getting there is what makes me nervous. You may not know this about me, but I am an organizer, a planner. I have the entire month of renovations planned out, but of course things are changing already! And who knows what we might stumble across when ripping anything out of that house! I know that Spencer and I will be putting in a lot of work and long hours into getting our home livable before we move in and I just want this to be a fun, learning experience for the both of us. I hope this experience really helps us to grow as a couple.

Be sure to check out my Instagram, Inspire_Me_ Everyday_ for transformation pictures or search for #spencerandamandasroadtoreno.

My only worry is just those unexpected expenses or bills. We have money put aside in our savings (which you always want to have!!!), but because I am an organizer, I just want to know what bills will be coming my way and how much everything is going to cost. (You know, so I can plan it out every month…) Some bills will increase because we are moving from an apartment to a house! I know that this will be a huge learning experience for us, but we are so ready to be homeowners and to care for our home!

I am soooooo looking forward to cooking for family and friends and have space to accommodate a large group of people, and sitting out on my deck, cooking on the grill, gardening, making memories with Spencer and Bella, and creating new pieces for our home! I will actually have a basement or garage to choose from to do these DIY ideas!!! How crazy is that!!! I am still on that Roller Coaster of Emotions, but in a good way this time!!! Happy, excited, anxious, nervous, motivated, thankful.. this list could go on forever…

I look forward to sharing our crazy life with all of you soon!!! The next time you hear from me, Spencer and I will be homeowners !!!


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