Home Inspection Day

It was time to have this home inspected!!! Dun dun dun…. This can be quite a stressful day. Even though you may be IN LOVE with your home, there is the possibility that your home could have too many problems that you may not be able to handle or afford to fix and you may have to back out of the deal. Knowing that, scared me quite a bit! Going into the inspection with issues we already knew about made me even more nervous because having our offer accepted was a battle in itself and the last thing I wanted was for the inspection to not go well! So of course I was practically freaking out until it was time to go to the house for the inspection.

My realtor recommended that we used a company called On Target Home Inspections, LLC. Our inspector, Frank, was awesome!!! I could not have felt any more at ease after meeting with him, which definitely helped to relieve the stress of everything going on. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and Frank covered all of the details and answered many questions that I had before meeting. When it came to the inspection itself, I cannot believe how thorough it was.

The first thing Frank said to us when we met was that he was going to “talk a lot, and that he is an OCD inspector.” Just from him saying that made us feel that he was going to inspect every inch of this house and that is perfectly fine with us!! The last thing we wanted was for an inspector to come in, and just cruise through the house and miss important things that we should know about. He also brought someone to check for pests, termites, and other insects that could cause or have caused damage. Thankfully, that came back with good news, no damage or pests of any kind! Frank did not rush through any part of the house and showed us so many things within the home that I would have missed otherwise. He gave us so many tips and was extremely informative, he definitely taught us a lot! And I am not going to lie, I was so drained after we finished but this experience was actually enjoyable for Spencer and I.

We received our extremely detailed Inspection Report within 24 hours as well, although it was 71 pages. Now, you might think, oh my, 71 pages that is ridiculous! But, I am glad it was long, it shows that he put in the time and effort to document everything we needed to know about our home before we decided to make the final decision on continuing with the purchase of the home. Frank was sure to take many pictures during the home inspection and used them in the report to give a better explanation of things to be aware of. We couldn’t be happier with our first home inspection and if we had to do this all over again, Frank would be the first person we would call!

Spencer and I decided that we still wanted to follow through with purchasing this home!! After signing a few final documents, we are officially closing on June 25th!!! We are beyond excited to start this journey together and to start all of these crazy projects on this house!!!

I cannot wait to share my next post with all of you! Have a great long weekend everyone!!!



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