Easter Lamps

It is that time of year when my lamps are due for an update!! I couldn’t wait to add the colors of Spring to our home. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. When you wake up in the morning and can hear the birds chirping and you step outside the sun hits you and its nice and cozy warm out, everything begins to bloom, I can drive with my windows open, and I can finally pack away all of my winter clothes!

Anything that is spring related, a.k.a flowers, anything pastel colored, or has to do with Easter gets me excited! So with Easter right around the corner, I had to decorate my lamps! When updating my lamps this time, it cost me $2. That’s its. Two dollars! I bought some eggs and grass! That’s its! It’s all about placement.  

IMG_5395  IMG_5398

This is definitely the simplest project I have done so far but now we have the bright, Spring feeling in our home. Seeing this every time I walk into our living room definitely puts a smile on my face 🙂 


I have been keeping my projects on the very low-end lately. Right now, Spencer and I have very big plans that will be taking place in the next few months. I’m not ready to share with you just quite yet. But I promise you will know very soon! So stayed tuned on the exciting news! Again, you can decorate any jar, or vase, or bottle to give your home this very same feel!

Happy Easter Everyone!


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