A Glimpse Into My Life

I have had such a weird week since my last post… I have been feeling a bit off lately. Maybe it’s because of alllllllll of this snow the Northeast has been getting. Most days, the weather outside has been very grey and gloomy which always kills my mood. Maybe I am feeling a little bit of seasonal depression. I am craving nicer weather for sure! But I’m in a weird funk and I want nothing more than to get out of it. So let’s recap:


This past Saturday was Valentine’s Day. Spencer and I don’t go crazy on Valentine’s Day, we just do a little something for each other. Nothing goes according plan, usually our plans never do. But of course, there was another winter storm that got in the way. All of this snow is driving my crazy! Spencer was out for about 14 hours plowing and I had worked about 9 hours on Valentine’s Day night. Although, this blizzard didn’t stop anyone from coming out to dinner.

Anyways, I have had this idea to make something pretty cute and delicious for breakfast on Valentine’s Day for Spencer (hopefully I will be able to show you what that is in next weeks post). But between my 2 jobs, Spencer finishing his firefighter classes and work, our schedules are just completely opposite right now and it is really hard to find time together at the moment. I love Spencer, so much. And I show him that I do, everyday. But I have been wanting to do this for so long! We did exchange cards and candy though, and he gave me these beautiful flowers too! I think that I am just missing him a bunch lately and I wish we could just go on a vacation to get away for a while to be able to recharge our batteries and not have to worry about anything else for a bit, but right now we are saving our money for great future things 🙂

IMG_4978 IMG_4982

My mom also decided she wanted to make thanksgiving for dinner on Sunday afternoon. Literally, she made a 15 pound turkey, so much stuffing and mashed potatoes! She is crazy!! I mean, I’m definitely not complaining about it, I really just wanted to share with all of you! Spencer and I went over for dinner as soon as he came home from plowing on Sunday afternoon. Definitely thankful that my mom is such an awesome cook and that she invited us over! But my weekend came and went in the blink of an eye..

And then, there’s little miss Bella, who somehow managed to get out of her crate twice last week.

Here is the little culprit

Here is the little culprit

Recently, Bella has started to develop anxiety when it is time to go in her crate. I work from home during the day. So she only is in her crate when I have to work at night and if Spencer isn’t home, so it is only for a few hours every other night. Even on the weekend, I bring her over to my parents with me so she can play with their dogs. I wonder if she feels like this because she isn’t in her crate that much anymore…

Now her crate is for a dog that weighs about 75 pounds. She weighs 28. So she is in a big crate with a big fluffy pillow and she has plenty of toys. She doesn’t even want to walk to her crate anymore so we have to pick her up and bring her. She used to just walk right in when I would tell her it was time to go in her crate. I do not understand what changed…

I think that she claws at the front gate so much that it allows the latch to come loose because of all the shaking she’s causes. Now the reason I put her in there is because she scratches at the door to get out, because apparently she thinks she will be able to find me. I swear she would scratch through the front door if she could. But this is what she did the other day… (see the pictures below) Of course, I am super upset because I am not sure what to do.. We are thinking about buying a gate to block off the door, but she is so smart. I’m afraid she will find a way to knock it down or she will scratch the wall where the gate it. Can anyone give any advice.. We are running out of ideas… I will have another post in the upcoming weeks of how I fixed this mess.


Now on the other hand, I am beyond happy with this blog. I have come so far and am beyond proud of myself. This entire process has been a big learning experience for me, which is what I love! I have learned to use tools, even electric ones. I have learned to cook new things, and have made new things for our home. The purpose of my blog was to inspire myself and it totally has so far!!! Another goal of mine is to inspire all of you as well and I have been receiving positive feedback so far. I hope my future posts continue to do so! As for this post, I normally  don’t share this much into my life, I really just needed to write and get everything out.. There is plenty more on my mind, but some things are better kept unsaid. If anyone has any advice on what to do about my little nugget muffin, Bella, I would really love to read what you have to say.

Thank you so much for reading


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