Valentine’s Day Lamps

As some of you know, I have these awesome lamps that I am able to decorate. The first time I decorated them was for Christmas. But now that Christmas is over, it is time for Valentine’s Day decor! This cost me about $20 at Target. I bought 2 variety packs full wicker balls, a few made with yarn and rope as well, and there were also some dried leaves. There was a mixture of creams, red, and whites. Definitely perfect for that Valentine’s Day feel ❤

Processed with Moldiv

I am on the lookout for hearts to add as well. But between working both of my jobs AND these snow storms in the Northeast every week that keep you secluded in your home, it has been really hard to find time get out to the store to look around! But what I like about what I found so far is that I can use this throughout the year, and now I can add some of this to the Christmas stash I have!
Processed with Moldiv

I am also doing a cute little something for Spencer that is food related but I won’t be able to share that with all of you until Valentine’s Day has passed! But this project literally took me just a few minutes and cost just a little bit of money, but now I have yet again, changed the feel of my apartment and made it cozy. I can also reuse this too for other seasons throughout the year, and that is awesome!!! Don’t forget, you can do this with an vase, or jar, or container you have!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ❤


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