DIY Wood Coasters

Well. Since I am snowed in from Blizzard Juno, I have alllllll the time in the world to write to all of you today!!! And anyone stuck in this blizzard, this project will be easy for you to find wood since there are wind gusts up to 60 mph.


Here is the latest DIY Project, wood coasters! Now that we have our pallet table, Spencer and I needed some coasters to go along with it. After we took down our Christmas Tree we decided to cut the stump off along with another tree stump we found outside to use for coasters. The reason we used 2 is because you can only get so many good cuts from each stump. We cut off the ends of each to get rid of gooey sap. Some of our cuts weren’t perfectly straight either. Even after we placed all of the coasters out to dry again once they were cut, some of them split!! The the more wood the better. We cut about 15 coasters and we were able to keep 8 of them. Which is the perfect amount for what we need!


What you will need:

  • A tree stump or branch wide enough to accomodate your glassware
    • Allow time to dry out due to moisture and sap
  • Miter Saw
  • Sandpaper
    • We used fine grit
  • Polyurethane
    • We used Miniwax, fast drying, clear satin polyurethane
    • We chose the clear satin because we wanted to keep the wood looking as natural as possible.
  • Natural paintbrushes.
    • Do not use synthetic. The directions for the polyurethane will tell you this
  • Rubber gloves if you would like

IMG_4804  IMG_4737


  • Mark the height of your coasters
    • We cut ours at 1/2″
  • Proceed to cut them using your Miter Saw
  • Lay your coasters out to dry on a flat surface
    • Be sure that you put them on a surface you don’t mind sap getting on!!
    • We let them dry out for another week
  • Next it is time for sanding
    • We went in a circular motion to keep the grain of the wood
    • Sand your coasters until they feel they way you would like
  • Now it is time for your polyurethane!!
    • We applied 3 coats to each side
    • Allow time for each coat to dry
  • And that is it!!! You are done!!

IMG_4763  IMG_4817

These were super easy to make and only cost me $14 for polyurethane and 2 paint brushes. The longest part of this process is waiting for the wood the actually dry out and then waiting for each coat of polyurethane to dry. Spencer and I couldn’t be happier with how our coasters turned out!! Try this out and let me know how your experience was!! Enjoy!!!

Processed with Moldiv


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