Christmas Lamps

IMG_3945 IMG_3956

I bought these awesome glass lamps (see the pictures above) at TjMaxx Home Goods. I decided to get into the holiday spirit and decorate them! I spent about $60 all together on the lamps and then $15 on all of the decorations. You can also do this in glass vases or jars which you can find at a local dollar store and place on an entry table or make a center piece on your dining room table or coffee table around your home. With these lamps or even jars or vases, you can decorate them according to season! So, you can always have a fun project to do all year round 🙂

What you will need:

  • Glass vases/jars/ or even lamps
  • Cotton stuffing (for snow)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Greenery or ferns (mine are NOT real)
  • And anything else you feel like using!IMG_3967

This project is extremely easy! Just place your decorations and the stuffing in your vases or jars and arrange them until you like the way it looks! That’s it! You can even find things around your home and look through your own Christmas decorations to do this project. I also used burlap to decorate the tables as well. Something so simple and easy can make such a difference in how your home feels. After making this small change, our home had that warm holiday season feel! Give this holiday project a try and leave your feedback below!

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