I Am Thankful For YOU

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I felt I should share my appreciation for everyone that has supported me with my blog thus far. The holiday season always helps me put things into perspective a little bit more than I usually do. Of course, I have to thank my family and friends for being supportive and it is great to see their excitement when I publish a new post. But, I am extremely greatful for all of you out there who have taken the time to read my blog, follow me on Instagram, and like Inspire Me on Facebook. Many of you I do not even know! It is actually really cool to see how many people my blog and it’s posts have reached. Of course, my blog is only 1 month old, so it is just the beginning for my blog and I. I really do appreciate all of the positive comments and feedback I have received from everyone so far. I am beyond thankful for all of you and your support!

As many of you know from my previous posts, I have been wanting to create a blog for a few years and was always too nervous to follow through with my idea. I was too afraid that my idea wasn’t good enough or that people weren’t going to like it. But with Spencer giving me the push I needed and then seeing everyones positive feedback on my blog or social media sites, even seeing people in person and hearing their thoughts, all of this support has helped me feel really good about this. I am beyond excited to share my ideas and to write for you. I just want to thank all of you for your support and for helping me in more ways than you know! Not only has this blog itself inspired me, but you all have as well, and I cannot thank you enough for that!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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