Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pumpkins


This past weekend, Spencer and I went to a Halloween Party! We went as Popeye and Olive Oyl 🙂

IMG_3573   IMG_3579

We brought a Halloween snack and honestly it was super easy to make. If you are looking for something EASY and TASTY to bring to a Halloween Party this week or weekend, try making these chocolate covered pretzels pumpkins!


What You Need:

  • 1 bag of salted pretzels (for that salty/sweet taste)
    • You won’t use the whole bag. In the picture below with the pretzels on the plate, there are about 55 there all together.
  • 1 bag of orange wafers (Spencer found these in the chocolate isle at A.C Moore)
    • You can also use a bag of white chocolate chips and purchase orange food coloring
  • 1 bag of M&M’s: You only need the green M&M’s
    • We used a bag of the Mint Dark Chocolate M&M’s
    • (You will need quite a few bags of regular M&M’s in order to use the green M&M’s, but it is a great idea if you have kids and want to make a sorting game out of it.)
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Wax Paper

IMG_3567  IMG_3547


  • Lay a piece of wax paper on your cookie sheet.
  • Melt the chocolate until smooth
  • Dip your pretzels
    • Tip: lay the pretzel flat in the chocolate and pick it up the same way. This way the chocolate will drain out of the holes of the pretzel and will look like the pictures shown.
  • Lay pretzels on wax paper
  • Press an M&M at the top of the pretzel
  • Allow time to cool
    • You can also place these in your fridge once you are done

And that’s it!! Super easy, delicious, and inexpensive!! ANYONE can do this! Try it out and leave your feedback below 🙂

Happy Halloween Everyone!

IMG_3557   IMG_3556


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